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Landing your dream job and building a sustainable, long-term career in FILM & TV is entirely possible when you stop making the same mistakes as 99% of aspiring talent. I’ll teach you exactly how to do that by adopting the approach used only by those who succeed.

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Ready To Break Into Hollywood?


Tim Tortora


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Total Recall, Jackass: The Movie, Basic Instinct, Tuesdays With Morrie, Home Improvement, The Doors, Fisher King, Boyz in the Hood, and many more


Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Films, Mandalay Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Disney, TriStar Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Lifetime, TNT, Hallmark Channel

Tim Has Worked on Some of the Biggest Titles

Hi, I’m Tim – a film & TV executive of 30 years.

Back in the early 90’s I was a lot like you. I was young and naïve. I had no cash. I knew nobody and had no family members working in the entertainment business.

In short, I had ZERO connections. Yet, I launched a career that has been going strong for decades.

My life shows that anyone can break into the entertainment business and thrive with the right strategy and determination.

In my new eBook “How to Make it in Hollywood” I’ll show you exactly what you need to do and how you must approach the industry to launch a successful career.

But first, let’s get clear about a few things.

Do You Keep Making Any of These Mistakes? Because If You Do…

This Is NOT How You Break
Into Hollywood

  • “Collaborating” with amateurs (who have no track record of success) on student films that no one ever sees
  • Taking unpaid internships at a “producer’s” office
  • Entering every random script competition
  • Pitching your package at AFM, where you get humiliated by real professionals who make movies for a living
  • Sending your "resume" into an internet black hole
  • Cold calling or submitting unsolicited material to an agency/management firm only to be rejected or ignored entirely
  • Running the Hollywood party circuit so you can "fake it 'till you make it"
  • Getting invited by a producer to his hotel room to "work on the script"
  • Posting your work to YouTube where nine viewers and a German Sheperd see it
  • Working for free on a movie that will run the festival circuit (and that no one will ever see)
  • Trying to get to a famous person through their hair stylist or fitness trainer or whatever, and convince them to read your script, watch your short, etc.

If you’ve been trying to get a foot in the door for a while (or even a very long while) doing all the above, and you have not made any progress, it’s because all of these “traditional methods” are NONSENSE.

They will lead you into what I call the Production Cycle of Doom, and eventually, you’ll be forced to move back home in disgrace.

It’s not your fault that you haven’t gotten further. You were most likely given the wrong advice from people who don’t know any better.

There’s a stupid myth out there that you just have to get into any job, however, you can, to build a career in Film & TV.


Over the course of my 30-year career in this industry, I have seen countless aspiring actors, writers, directors, and producers come and go because of this misconception.

People move to L.A. with well-intentioned dreams of making it as a creative or on crew.

But instead, they end up struggling with LOUSY INTERNSHIPS and in DEAD-END JOBS.

They get into deals they never signed up for, saying yes to everything that comes along.

They are unable to get themselves in front of the people who can move their careers forward or buy their ideas.

This happens mainly because they don’t know how to approach the industry and they end up doing ALL the wrong things I’ve already mentioned.

If you want to launch and sustain a career in the long run, it’s time to take a structured, systemic approach that ensures you’re establishing relationships with the right people.


You must know someone and MAKE AN IMPRESSION on them before they will refer you for ANY production job.

After 30 years in this industry and hiring 100's of creatives and crew myself, I started to see a pattern in the people who worked consistently and went from one movie or TV show to the next one, and the next one.

I saw how those who built stable careers were getting connected.

The common thread was working on projects where the opportunity for making valuable business contacts is at its highest – and the chance to speak with an executive in a disarming situation is also available.

But how do you do that if you don’t know anybody worth knowing yet? If you haven’t even landed that job that creates those opportunities?

Here’s how…

You get connected to the people who actually make the shows that you want to work on by networking in an informational interview.

These are two of the most legitimate and easy-to-use methods if you want to start a career in Hollywood.

Building a network from a few well-placed interviews is the perfect method in the current entertainment industry. It has always been. It worked for me 30 years ago and it still works to this day.

If you’re clueless where to begin, whom to approach and how, worry not.



I have taught all kinds of newbies how to build a career in film and TV production – without knowing anyone in the business.

And in turn they have achieved their dream job in Hollywood faster than ever before. All while working with Real Producers, who make the shows that you see.

Just like Robert, who downloaded "How to Make it in Hollywood" a few months ago and soon after knew exactly what position to target for his first production job.

Soon after, he sent me this email…
This is Michael, another "How to Make it in Hollywood" member. Soon after applying the principles in the book, he was talking to a Hollywood manager about his career...
And these are just two examples.

I see my students get clear about how the industry works. They stop flailing and start saying yes to the real projects and no to the amateur producers who take them nowhere.

If you follow every single step that I teach, you will end up with a targeted list of 4 to 8 dozen people, who you can connect with, that might help you in building your career and your network in Hollywood.

And That Will Be the Birth of Your Career in Film & TV Production

You will build your dream job without working for free or learning from the outside where very little gets made and very few networking opportunities come naturally.

Here's what working on a show, with a dozen potential business contacts, looks like...
Each one of these people could be a vector for recommending you on the next job.

Fast Forward Two to Three Years…

And you will work on real shows that are seen by millions of viewers.

You will be making a good living because you will get paid well.

Your voice will get heard, and your stories will get told.

Isn’t that what you really want? I believe you already know the answer.


Because it’s people like ME who hire newbies like YOU.

I’ve been where you are and I’ve achieved all you dream of.

During my rich and varied career, I’ve worn many hats on all kinds of TV programmes and major feature films – from PA, through unit production manager to line producer - all the way to executive in charge of production and now CFO.

Without knowing anyone at all, I started as a tape operator in a recording studio before moving onto marketing and advertising within the studio system. I have worked across production finance and accounting for Disney, TriStar Pictures, NBC, ABC and CBS.

I’ve been in charge of worldwide film and TV production for Milk & Honey Pictures, and I served as a Film & Television Executive at a series of studios, including significant tenures at Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Films, Mandalay, and the Benji franchise.

During my time on the Sony Pictures marketing team, I worked on domestic theatrical strategic planning for such media campaigns as “Terminator II: Judgment Day,” “Total Recall”, “Basic Instinct,” “Fisher King,” and “Boyz in the Hood,” to name just a few.

Since I started working as a CFO in 2008, the industry has changed substantially and my client list has migrated to working with all kinds of content creators who produce indie features, TV movies, feature films, branded content, blogs, and online short form series.

That’s my story and… I believe that if I can do this, so can you!

Introducing “How to Make It in Hollywood”
The eBook that will show you how to break in without knowing anyone, without working for free and without wasting time with amateurs.
This 210-page eBook teaches you the entire system for starting a career in film and TV – and it goes against all conventional wisdom and advice.

I will walk you through the following topics that you need to grasp to get a job in entertainment:
  • How the industry actually works and how it’s structured
  • Where the money to make stuff comes from
  • How you should research the individuals who do work on shows and how to connect with them
  • How to make your introductions so that you grab the attention of people like me (in key positions who can hire new talent) so referral might be made
Here's What You're Going to Discover Inside the eBook:
  • How to identify the real producers (so you can work on shows that people will see) all explained on page 38
  • How doing free work (straight to festival movies) prevents you from building a durable network of producers who make movies and TV shows (and what to do instead) all explained on page 16
  • The little-known loophole/trick to getting into your dream job (and how to use it for your own benefit) all explained on page 146
  • The secret behind finding work in film and TV production (so you can work on the shows that you admire) all explained on page 90
  • The step-by-step process to building connections in film and TV production (so you can shortcut your results) all explained on page 162
I will also share some successful strategies I've used to:
  • Track Shows As They Go Into Development
  • Build The Mental Strength To Stay Focused On Your Goal Job
  • Learn How The Financing Structures Operate
  • Create Your Credit List To Share With Other Crew
Path Analysis Worksheet
Outline what your intended Path and Vertical in Hollywood will be

Show Analysis Workbook
Break down shows into the key people you will need to know

Assistant List
What are the typical entry-level jobs that you can expect

Notes For Your Interview
You will need to take structured notes in your interviews

Trades Tracking Database
Tracking what is going in Hollywood is a superpower that you need to track
This Book Will Show You The Three-Step System For Getting Started In Your Hollywood Career
Step 1 Discovery – how to figure out your dream job and the Vertical that you want to work in

Step 2 Network Map – how to research the people who actually make the shows you want to work on

Step 3 Informational Interview – How to set information interviews with your target hiring managers so you can come across as relevant, knowledgeable and curious about production
Frequently Asked Questions
A 210-page eBook where you learn the entire system for starting and building a career in Hollywood.

Who is this for?
Anyone trying to start a career (or move up) in film or TV production –
Creatives (writers, directors, actors, producers) or Crew.

I want this, what exactly am I getting?
You are getting a 210-page book that will guide you through a process for identifying your goal job and vertical and at the end will build a list of 100+ people to connect with in film production. Real people making real shows that get seen; people who pay a good wage.

How is this different from all the other stuff out there?
All the other stuff out there delivers the promise of a job (assuming you pay them for access) or delivers old canned "tricks" for building a career. This book gives you a real technique that you will repeatedly come back to over the length of your career.

Do you offer more in-depth help?
Yes, you can also enroll in our twice-per-week Q&A. More about that after you order the book.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes, a 30-day money back guarantee.
Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All purchases entail risk as well as 
massive and consistent effort and action.

If you're not willing to accept that, please do not buy this eBook.

And yes, it took me time and energy to achieve my results.

Having said this, 
I hope you have the determination to apply what I teach and to work hard toward your goals. Because if you do, you will see results very soon.

I hope to talk to you in our private Group that you’ll get instant access to as soon as you download your copy of the eBook.

Until then, to your success!
Ready to launch your career in film & TV?
Let’s prepare you for entering one of the most competitive industries out there…
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P.S. HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLYWOOD comes with The BEST Money-Back Guarantee in The World.

Download it, read it, implement it, get results.

And if you’re not happy for any reason (and I mean ANY reason) - just let me know and I’ll refund you your $

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